So I ended up romancing Kaiden in ME3 (I am gay and play a broShep), but the entire time I was having one of  those awesomly engrossing bioware-iffic conversations with him, I felt like his interest in me was forced somehow.

I remember playing ME 1 and sort of what-iffing Bioware had the huevos to include a homosexual romance, and how Kaiden would be my pick… but the fact that it took ‘til the 3rd game raises some questions for me continuity-wise.

  1. Why now Kaiden?
  2. Is broShep Bi, or was he discovering himself in the midst of a genocidal attack by omnipotent machines?
  3. I’m glad homosexual relationships are being introduced to the VG format, but in this particular instance, since the continuity was already in-progress the relationship felt … token?

I’ve either succumbed to sexuality-labeling psychosis like the rest of the world or my heart is made of ice.

~~Forget it Shep, you and Kaiden should be whatever you want to beee~~

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Little Girl learns a life lesson about bullying thanks to Skyrim.

Preordered this shit!

Preordered this shit!